Ocean Spark Studios was set up by a team of four students as part of our placement year with the aim of making a mark within the video game industry by creating an ambitious and unique game. Each member brings their own distinct knowledge and background to the company, thus allowing us to develop the powerful team we have created.


We’re currently working on our first title; Tetra, Elemental Awakening. It's a third person RPG / defence game which involves the player taking control of four unique characters each with their own background and story to tell. The game is a mix of genres which incorporates the fast paced tactical game play style of modern wave defence games, whilst also encompassing the atmosphere of an RPG.



With a background in Fine Arts, Helen has always had a keen interest in the creation of Art for Video Games.  A strong creative skill set combined with effective technical knowledge makes her an efficient and innovative creative director and game artist. Working alongside other members of the team closely, Helen oversees the art direction of the game, ensuring that it is both visually exciting and created to industry standard. She is very aware of the importance of making a video game fantastic across all aspects including; visual style, story, audio assets, cinematics, and marketing materials.
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Ellie is a multi-talented creative director, with expertise in all aspects of content and asset creation. With a keen eye on new technology in the industry, Ellie can create assets quickly, yet with a methodical approach that ensures quality. Not limited to one style Ellie can adapt to any art style to create cohesive content that fits in the game world. As a Creative Director, she is responsible for ensuring the efficiency, quality and the direction of the games narrative and aesthetic, as well as setting strategic goals for the future.
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Originally learning games design in college, Zach has always been a natural team leader. His aim throughout college was to one day form a team of skilful designers to create something new and original.  Being a people person allows Zach to motivate the team and bring enjoyment and comradery even in the hardest times. As a project Manager, Zach sets ambitious but realistic goals which push the team to their full potential while still working to a reasonable time scale. Working in a fun environment makes the teams interest even more substantial therefore creating a motivated and rewarding studio.


Dan has always had a drive and passion for Games Design, starting at college in 2012, he quickly established himself and took on lead roles within teams throughout his education, such as Lead Animator/3D Artist.
Dan found an interest in how companies and products promote themselves through branding, online and offline. As Branding Manager, Dan has a responsibility to deliver strategic and executional marketing across all titles, live and in development for Ocean Spark Studios LTD. Interacting with people at events, conventions and online through social media outlets. Confident and assured, Dan will always deliver what is expected of him.